Kidz At Play: A Creative Label

Our mission is to make you question everything. If kids are the most curious human beings on earth, where does that curiosity eventually go? If you stay curious about the details, your creativity will never die. We are nine kids that are continuing to accomplish the unexpected simply by asking why. Why can’t we? Why should we? Why don’t we? These questions led us to form a Creative label, a label where we help you control your future by pursuing your aspirations. We are a collective of Artists, Videographers, Photographers and Managers. Not only do we work with one another but we call ourselves family, and what fuels that is “vulnerability”. Keeping a relationship with your team as if blood couldn’t make you closer. Starting as a group of kids who have accomplished the seemingly impossible; our goal is to be a voice for the youth, and to inspire others to do the same. As “Kidz At Play” we want you to sustain your curiosity in order to live your dream. Why can’t you? Why should you? Why don’t you?